APRS Station Locator, Weather Conditions
and APRS Activity Maps

Updated 24 May 2015, 1720 UTC

This page loads a lot of images, please be patient, especially if on dial-up connections.

Position reports provided by servers at: Googlefindu.com, and WinLink.org
Search scripts below were adapted from Steve Dimse, K4HG's findu.com cgi page.

Some Canadian locations will have the photos/maps available even though it states US only! Radar maps will appear if within range of an US NWS NEXRAD radar station.


Google Maps and Google Earth by Google
Radar maps from NWS NEXRAD
Maps by MapQuest, Microsoft Bing Maps, aprsworld mapserver
National Resources Canada Topographical maps
(English) (francais)

NOTE:  Depending on the state of the internet and of the APRS Severs, position reports may be some time behind real time reporting as seen over the airwaves.  Depending on individual station setup parameters, the station may not be seen by the APRS server, or if the station is closed down (mobile/base) it will not be seen after a set time. Mobile stations may not be in range of another APRS station to rebroadcast their position reports.

Search for and Display APRS Stations
Enter a callsign into the search box that is displaying the type of display results you wish to view, then click on the "Find" button.  Some will accept more than one call separated by commas.

Click on thumbnail images to see a representative full size image.
Click on an option to see its graphic representation where available.

Search by:

  1. APRS station:
  2. messages to/from Station

  3. track on USA map

  4. digipeating through the ISS

  5. APRS Weather Station:

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Find an APRS station using Google Maps APRS (aprs.fi)

To see multiple APRS stations using Google Maps APRS click here
or enter a call sign below:

Call Sign:
(may require you to log in with a call or nickname)

Options of Raw, Status, Beacon packets, messages, bulletin board, and live tracking in Google Earth

Google Earth Live tracking.
On the left VE3UEL showing the differences of resolution depending on the area in Canada. Just to the east the resolution is great but not at VE3UEL.
 Map at this point is not fully zoomed in. On the right is a shot of VE7XTA in NY.

Find an APRS station using findu.com

Call Sign:

Raw Data

Google Map            Satellite Map

Hybrid (Sat with streets)   Nexrad Weather

Options of aerial photo, topo map, QRZ lookup of call sign

Find an APRS station using K6IB's 3D View Auto Tracker
and see what a mobile sees

Read instructions - requires a plugin

3D View Auto Tracker

(Map, Satellite, and Hybrid views)

Track a mobile station using K6IB's Auto Update Tracker
Click above for custom setup
(1 map, 2 maps, and choose icon)

Enter callsign below for default 1 map and icon

Call Sign:

(Map, Satellite, and Hybrid views)

K6IB's APRS IRLP Monitor

Monitoring of IRLP Nodes that are sending APRS IRLP object information.
Monitor runs for 15 mins then click on Restart button to continue

(Map, Satellite, and Hybrid views)

Find nearby APRS Stations near a latitude/longitude
(negative for southern and western hemispheres) (findu.com):

Latitude: Longitude: Limit to stations.

Convert Format

Options: Station location, QRZ lookup, messages, weather,
maps showing nearby stations: Toporama map1, map 2,
and aprsworld map

View messages to/from a station:

Call Sign:

table of messages

APRS Station Track on USA map:

Call Sign:

station location info
aprsworld maps and MapPoint map
USA map  
Options: nearby stations, topo map

APRS stations that are digipeating through the ISS

Maps show stations using the ISS and current position of ISS
along with positions in 5 and 10 minutes

aprsworld maps
  USA map Europe map 

table of calls using ISS recent ISS activity
Recent Activity
Options: Station location, messages

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APRS Station Weather Displays

Weather at an APRS Station

Call Sign:

Displays the current conditions of a weather station, four graphs of the historical weather data and a wx radar map. (findu.com)

wx conditions
temperature history graph wind history graph barometric history graph precipitation history graph
Temperature - - - - - - - Wind - - - - - - - Barometer - - - - - - - Rain - - -

NWS NEXRAD  radar map

Plot an APRS station's location on a U.S. NWS NEXRAD weather radar display.

Call Sign:

Weather Warnings near an APRS Station

Call Sign:

This displays the NWS messages near a given location. If call=* is used then the page will show all warnings and they will be sorted by time received. (aprsworld maps)

map scale 50 mi table of wx warnings
Option: Weather Warning text, view example as text, as graphic image

Find nearby APRS WX stations

Call Sign: Limit to stations.

table of nearby wx stations
Option: Station weather history

Find nearby WX stations by latitude/longitude
(negative for southern and western hemispheres) (findu.com):

Latitude:   Longitude: Limit to stations.

Convert Format

table of wx stations by lat long
Option: Station weather history

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