The Club's Archives Project

Updated 26 Nov 2016, 0330 UTC

The Kingston Amateur Radio Club Archives Project


One of the Club's project was to digitize all of the records of the Club as none of us have the proper environment to store all the documention. By digitizing the records and presenting them on our website they are accessible to all members and others who may be interested in them.

The archives were distributed to the Members of the Club, who digitized them and they were assembled into the following archives.

Archive Index:
Ledger/Membership Lists
Minutes of Meetings
Kingston Amateur News (Newsletter)
Photo Albums

Ledger/Membership Lists:
     KARC Ledger 1955-1986 Membership Lists 1950-19-- (PDF, 747.3 MB)

Minutes of Meetings:
     KARC Minutes 1947-1951 (PDF, 44.3 MB)
     KARC Minutes 1980-Dec 1983 (PDF, 38.5 MB)

Kingston Amateur News (Newsletter):
     KARC Newsletter Dec 1975-Feb 1976 (PDF, 3.9 MB)
     KARC Newsletter Dec 1975-Feb 1976 (PDF, 44.3 MB)
     KARC Newsletter Dec 1975-Dec 1976 (PDF, 11.3 MB)
     KARC Newsletter March 1976-Sep 1977 (PDF, 16.2 MB)
     KARC Newsletter Oct 1977-1979 (PDF, 18.7 MB)
     KARC Newsletter Dec 1979 to Summer 1980 (PDF, 2.4 MB)
     KARC and CARF Newsletter Dec 1979 to Summer 1980 (PDF, 45.7 MB)

Photo Albums:
     KARC Photos 1947-1997 Part 1 (PDF, 35.8 MB)
     KARC Photos 1947-1997 Part 2 (PDF, 78.7 MB)
     KARC Assorted Photos Photo Album (PDF, 5.1 MB)
     Brown Photo Album 2 (PDF, 19.5 MB)
     KARC Flea Market Photo Album (PDF, 7.3 MB)
     KARC Hamfest 1990 Photo Album (PDF, 6.3 MB)
     KARC Photos May 1994 Photo Album (PDF, 4 MB)
     KARC Field Day 1996 Photo Album (PDF, 2.4 MB)
     KARC March 1997 Photo Album (PDF, 3 MB)


The videos are in MP4 format for downloading to your computer.
These files do not have any branding on them from video conversion software.
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     KARC Field Days 1957 - 1964 (MP4 Video, 236 MB)
     KARC Field Day 1997 - CKWS TV News (MP4 Video, 95 MB)

Streaming Videos:

KARC Field Days 1957 - 1964 (11 minutes 14 seconds)

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CKWS TV News - KARC Field Day 1997 (4 minutes 41 seconds)

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