SSTV Direct to Web Site

Updated 29 Nov 2009, 0200 UTC

Kingston area SSTV Images
Check out some of the pictures that have been sent via SSTV in the Kingston area on 145.500 simplex. 

From Air to Web Page - How Did This Happen?

We had a temporary setup which worked quite well, with received picture quality dramatically improved by using an outdoor antenna. (2 metre mag mounted on a cake tin on side of building.)

We are presently not running SSTV directly to our web page but the info here is presented for info on how it can be done quite easily.

The transmitted image is received via the antenna and a scanner set to 144.500 MHz.
The audio output of the scanner is fed into the computer's sound card line in.
MMSSTV software receives the audio and decodes the picture.
The FTP Widget software finds the new image placed in the MMSSTV directory and sends the new picture to the Club's site via FTP. The software automatically keeps track of name the pictures to be viewed on the web page.  Our Slow Scan Image page automatically refreshes itself every 60 seconds, and on the next refresh the new image appears and the older images are shifted over.

At times no picture will appear if refresh happens as new image is being written to web site.  All pictures are saved in an archive folder with their original filename as assigned by MMSSTV for viewing.  

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