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Updated 23 March 2017, 2045 UTC

Login to Webmail - go to the Webmail secure login page and enter your email address and password the click on "Sign In".


yourcall at Email Address Webpage

yourcall at email address
(change the 'at symbol' with @ and remove any spaces)

Access yourcall at email from any internet capable computer via this webpage.

Login using the box at the top, enter your call and password, and click on "go".

When you are finished with Webmail, log out and you will be returned to the contents page.

You can also use your existing email program to access your yourcall at emails. (see below)

You can set your own password, auto responders, mail forwarding, create address book, signature, vacation response, message rules, and preferences.

To get a yourcall at email address send an email to webmaster at symbol (change the 'at symbol' with @ and remove any spaces) incluing a password you would like to use. Note your password is case sensitive.

To send and/or receive email using Webmail and/or set up your own email program (ie Outlook Express) to access yourcall at emails, see the following tutorials, (ignore any sections dealing with installation on the server - it's already installed):

Setting up your email program to retrieve your yourcall at webmail

Windows Programs:

Mac Programs: webpage

As a member of the Kingston ARC, you can have your personal web page with URL.  You will have 10 MB of web space. Prohibited Conduct of your web pages can be read in the Terms and Conditions document para 13 at  If you have your own commercial web page, you can link to it from your personal page.  You will have ftp access to upload your content.

For more information send an email to webmaster at symbol