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Next Meeting 7pm Wednesday 7 May 2014
Smitty's Restaurant

How to run the Ontario QSO Party Logger program on 32/64 bit versions of windows: DOSBox On Windows With The OQP Logger_Program (PDF)

April 2014 Issue of The Kingston Amateur News

Print out and keep a copy in your vehicle of Ontario's "Display Screens and Hand-held Devices" Law and amemndment which is now in effect since 26 Oct 2009
Section 13 - Amateur exemption for holding or using two-way radio until 1 Jan 2018 (Amended 28 Sept 2012)

Online Ontario eLaw:

English  francais
PDF format:
English  francais

English  francais
PDF format with highlighted Section 13 (PDF): English  francais

Listen to the VE3KBR repeater online

N3KL Current Solar Activity
      Solar X-rays:          Geomagnetic Field:
Status Status
From n3kl.org

KARC 2m Net Controller Script (PDF)(Updated: 7 March 2011 - revised)

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Fact of the Day

Join the Kingston A.R.C. "freelist" The Kingston A.R.C.  freelist has been established to act as a convenient means of sending everyone that is on the list, Kingston ARC info, and Amateur Radio related email by sending it to one address.

To subscribe send an email to karc-subscribe at symbol freelists.org  
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or contact Steve, VE3KC

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