VE3KBR Repeater

Updated 4 Dec 2009, 0200 UTC

Amateur Radio during Emergencies

VE3KBR - Kingston A.R.C. - 146.94 MHz (-) Tone of 151.4 Hz TX/RX

There is NO REQUIREMENT to be a Kingston ARC member to use these repeaters.

The Kingston Amateur Radio Club maintains the voice repeaters VE3KBR, and VE3KAR  in Kingston, open to all Amateurs. Our thanks to GlenTel Communications (formerly Highland Communications) for the location of VE3KBR at their site in Kingston and at Claredon Station, site of VE3KAR.

There is no autopatch available. Linking to IRLP and EchoLink is available on VE3KBR. If you use our repeaters please help us maintain it by supporting the Kingston A.R.C. by becoming a member.

Transparent to the user, the flexibility of the repeater system has been enhanced by the addition of an Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) node, EchoLink Node on VE3KBR.

Thanks to our local Amateurs who support the IRLP Node, the IRLP system is freely accessible by any Amateur in the area. IRLP provides RF to RF worldwide connections using the Internet. The Node itself is located at Altair Electronics who also supplies our IRLP internet connection.  Node owner is Les, VE3KFS. For more information on IRLP see our IRLP page.

VE3RCS, runs an EchoLink linked node into our repeater allowing RF and computer conversations worldwide using the Internet.  For more information on EchoLink see our EchoLink page.

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Read the history synopsis and the Maintenance Log transcribed from the original log.

Over the years our repeater has been in several locations and has held two different callsigns. The VE3KBR callsign was originally a joint effort by the Kingston and Belleville clubs to set up a repeater to allow communication between Kingston and Belleville. It has been referred to as the Kingston Belleville Repeater.

In 1971, the Kingston Club assembled their own repeater and put it on the air up at CFB Kingston. Over the years the repeater moved from there to Elrond College, the John Orr Tower, RAC Headquarters, and finally to the site provided by Highland Communications(noiw GlenTel Communications). Over these years the repeater parts have spent a considerable time on various Amateur's workbenches for assembly, maintenance, upgrading, and testing. The callsign until recently was VE3KER. When the Quinte Club changed the call for their repeater to VE3QAR, the VE3KBR call was offered to us.

The Club's spare back up repeater which was installed at the Kingston Psychiatric Hospital as part of the Y2K rollover watch. It operates on 147.090 (+) MHz using VE3KAR as the callsign. The repeater was moved back to John Orr Tower, and then taken down for some refurbishing. In Spring of 2008, it was installed at Claredon Station near Sharbot Lake to give 2 metre coverage in that area.

Read the history synopsis and the Maintenance Log transcribed from the original log - kept as close as possible (ie: spelling errors, callsigns, stikethroughs, uppercase & lowercase, etc.) The Log tells the trials and tribulations of operating the repeater systems from 1971 to the present date.

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VE3KBR's home away from the workbench is a deluxe all weather condominium North of Highway 401 between Montreal and Division streets.

Look Up... Way Up..... the antenna is at 92 metres above the ground!

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