A brief synopsis of the history of the Kingston A.R.C. repeaters.
Compiled from the Repeater Maintenance Log by Chip, VA3KGB.
For more detailed information see the Repeater Maintenance Log.

15 June 1971
VE3KER 2 metre Voice Repeater activated.
146.540 Mhz In, 146.940 Mhz out
Original License Holder: Leon Brown VE3MW
Located at VE3RCS, Genet Building, Vimy Barracks

15 February 1973
VE3KER 2 metre voice repeater moved to Elrond College,
Princess & Division Streets

7 June 1975
VE3KER 2 metre voice repeater moved to John Orr Tower,
Sir John A Boulevard

1 August 1987
VE3KER 440 Mhz Repeater activated.

31 January 1988
VE3KER - VE3ULR Link activated (2m -220MHz)

24 June 1991
VE3CDY  Packet Node activated

2 July 1993
VE3KER 2 metre repeater - Autopatch activated.

Night 8-9 July 1994
Major lightning strike - Major damage to 2 metre Repeater and ULR Link systems.
ULR Link system and Autopatch system is not restored. 

17 October 1995
VE3KER 2 metre voice repeater moved to RAC Headquarters,
Norris Court, Kingston
VE3KER 440 Mhz Repeater and VE3CDY Packet Node
remain at John Orr Tower.

21 September 1996
VE3KER 2 metre repeater moved to QTH of VE3NB as RAC Headquarters
moving to Ottawa.

20 October 1996
VE3KER 2 metre voice repeater call changed to VE3KBR,

16 November 1996
VE3KBR 2 metre voice repeater moved to Highland Communications site,
McAdoo's Lane

10 October 1997
VE3KER 440 MHz repeater deactivated due to lack of use and severe intermod 
at John Orr Tower site. The 440 MHz Repeater donated to Kingston A.R.E.S. after a
potential sale fell through and has since been activated by them using VE3TKO.. 

Repeater Maintenance Log
Read the transcript of the Repeater Maintenance Log over the years.
Follow the trials and tribulations through the years of maintaining a
repeater system through its infancy to its present maturity as the 
technology advances as well as the inherent problems that
advancing technology introduces.
Select the year you wish to read.

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