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Updated 05 February 2022

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VE3KBR - Kingston A.R.C. - Kingston - 146.94(-) Tone 151.4

Listen to the VE3KBR repeater. If no one is using the repeater it will be quiet.

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VE3KBR in Kingston is open to all Amateurs.
There is NO REQUIREMENT to be a Kingston ARC member to use the repeater.

If you are told by someone that you are not allowed to use it, please contact the Club Executive or send us an email (see Contacts) giving us the name and/or call of the person who told you this wrong information so that we can inform this person that VE3KBR is open to ALL Amateurs and Club membership is not required.

Repeater Associations

St Lawrence Valley Repeater Council

Upper New York Repeater Council

Western New York, Southern Ontario Repeater Council

VermonT Independent Repeater Coordinating Committee (VIRCC)

Comité Coordination des Fréquences du Québec

British Columbia Amateur Radio Coordination Council (BCARCC)

Amateur Radio League of Alberta (ARLA)

Saskatchewan Amateur Radio League (SARL)

MARCAN Frequency Coordinator (Maritime Provinces)

Newfoundland (VOARA)

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Ontario Clubs/Repeaters
Club, Repeater, Location, Frequency, Tone, Remarks

Kingston A.R.C.,VE3KBR, Kingston, Ontario, 146.94(-), Tone 151.4

VE3FRG, Kingston, Ontario, 146.805(-),T203.5Hz (C4FM)

Quinte A.R.C., VE3QAR, Belleville, Ontario, 146.985(+), T 118.8, 444.475(+) T118.8

VA3JWO, Picton, Ontario, 145.370(-), T 118.8 (P25 and FM)

Price Edward Radio Club, VE3TJU, Picton, Ontario, 146.73(-), T 118.8

Iroquois A.R.C., VE3IRO, Iroquois, Ontario, 145.290(-)

Brockville A.R.C., VE3BAT, Brockville, Ontario, 146.820(-)

Rideau Lakes Amateur Radio Club, VE3RLR, Smith Falls, Ontario, 147.210(+),

VE3KJG, Lavant/Perth, Ontario, 146.640(-)

Almonte Amateur Radio League, VA3AAR, Almonte, Ontario, 147.270(+), 444.050(+) & 123hz)

VE3RIX, VE3RIX, Nepean, Ontario, 145.450(-)

VE3OJE, Moose Creek, Ontario, 145.370(-)

VE3HTN, Toledo, Ontario, 146.865(-)

VA3LGA, Landsdowne, Ontario, 146.625(-)

VE3SVR, Morrisburg, Ontario, 146.760(-)

Seaway Valley A.R.C., VE3SVC, Cornwall, Ontario, 147.180(+)

Tri-County A.R.C., VE3KFR, Campbellford, Ontario, 145.330(-)

Champlain Regional Repeater Association, VE3STP, Arnprior, Ontario, 147.060(-)

Canadian Police College, VE3MPC, Ottawa, Ontario, 147.150(+)

Ottawa A.R.C., VE2CRA, Gatineau, Quebec, 146.940(-) & 443.300(+)

Pioneer A.R.C., VE3TEL & VE3TVA, Nepean/Ottawa, Ontario,
VE3TEL 147.030(-) & 443.800(+),
VE3TVA (ATV), 439.25 AM in, 914 FM out, Marker beacon 439.25

VE3ZRR Repeater Group, VE3ZRR, Renfrew, Ontario, 146.910(-)

VE3TST, Ottawa, Ontario, TX 29.520 FM, RX 29.620 FM,
will be linked to 6 meters on TX 52.090 and RX 53.090

Following repeaters are linked full time:
VE3KJG, VA3TEL, VE3RRU, VE3HTN and VE3LCA (UHF). No tones.

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New York Clubs/Repeaters
Club, Repeater, Location, Frequency, Tone, Remarks

CanAmaRa Group, KA2QJQ, Watertown, New York, 147.255(+)

Dexter, New York, 146.700(-)

KA2JXI, Russell, New York, 146.925(-)

WB2RYB, Malone, New York, 147.225(+)

Black River Valley Amateur Radio Club, Lewis County, New York, 146.955(-)

Boonville Amateur Radio Club, Boonville, Oneida County, New york, 146.655(-)

Rome Radio Club, W2OFQ,Lee, New York, 146.28 - 146.88

Utica A.R.C., K2IQ, Utica, New York

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