Slow San Television (SSTV)

Updated 29 Nov 2009, 0200 UTC

Slow Scan Television (SSTV) has been around for many years and in the past has required a fair amount of equipment to send and receive the pictures.  In simple terms, SSTV is sending pictures over the radio.  Today with a computer with a sound card, software, and a simple interface and you can send and receive SSTV.

Kingston area SSTV Images - Check out the pictures that have been sent via SSTV in the Kingston area on 145.500 simplex directly to our web page.

How do the SSTV pictures get from radio to the web site?

Need a program to save all you audio settings for the each of the different programs that you run, for example SSTV, EchoLink, PSK31, etc, then check out QuickMix.


2 Metres: 145.500 MHz

6 Metres: 50.680 MHz

10 Metres: 28.680, 28.690, 28.700 MHz

15 Metres: 21.340 MHz

20 Metres: 14.230, 14.233, 14.236 MHz

40 Metres: 7.170 MHz

80 Metres: 3.845 MHz

160 Metres: 1.916 MHz

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MIR crews when it was in orbit sent back to earth pictures and there will be SSTV aboard the ISS (International Space Station).

The last SSTV picture transmitted from MIR.
Captured by VA3SF
Click on the image to view at full size.

The pictures can be QSL cards, video capture shots, or pictures.  There are several forms of SSTV formats and the software available covers most of them.  Some software even lets you customize the pictures before you send them out.

Links for SSTV information and software:

SSTV Primer
By: Michael Tondee, W4HIJ and Edited by: Jim Sheldon W0EB

MSSTV - JE3HHT's Free SSTV software using soundcard (Win95/98/ME/NT/200)
- Being used by KARC members

DIGTRX - is the work of Roland Zurmely PY4ZBZ from Brazil. To function as a Digital SSTV program, it requires the HDSSTV DOS programs provided by Barry Sanderson KB9VAK

DIGGISSTV  is the work of VK4AES Erik from Australia. It requires Windows XP

HDSSTV by Barry Sanderson KB9VAK

VE3RDN SSTV page, Rob's SSTV software links

VA3SF - SSTV links

KB4YZ - extensive links page

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PSK31 & SSTV Interface Home Page - K4ABT
(below the advertising for the Lil Rascal)

VE3SQB - modified JVFax schematic

WM2U - Understanding Soundcard interfacing

W5BBR - Soundcard interfacing for RTTY, PSK31, and SSTV

Commercial Interfaces
(listed here for your info, Kingston ARC is not endorsing any company)

Rig Blaster

Lil Rascal 


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