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APRS Maps by Area
How to Use maps for APRS Programs Links to maps for APRS Programs

APRS maps are downloadable in various formats for use in the APRS programs.
Note that some map formats are able to be used by other programs as they are or by adding an additional file.
Check your APRS program for applicable file formats and requirements.

Most of the APRS image maps (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png) have been created for one APRS program by VE1AIC, VE2FET, VE3ADJ, VE3GSI, VE3BSM, VE3BOO, VE3NWV, VE7BSM. Most of these image maps files have been converted and applicable inf/geo file greated so that they can be used with the other APRS programs by VA3KGB.

APRS Maps by Area

The World
USA Maps
USA State Maps
US City Maps close to Kingston, ON

Canadian Provinces and Territories
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Northwest Territory
Nova Scotia
Nunavet Territory
Prince Edward Island
Yukon Territory

Kingston Area Maps
Maps that are good for the Kingston, Ontario, Canada, area are included in Ontario Maps

Note: Some maps may be in more than one index

Most thumbnail images of the maps created by Chip, VA3KGB.
Some images of the maps, and geo/inf files converted from originators' files
to allow for use by other APRS programs by Chip, VA3KGB.
Accuracy of the converted files may be out due to coordinate software translation errors.
Creator of map is in brackets if known ie (VE3ADJ).
If you created the map file please email the webmaster
with "APRS Map Creator" as the Subject so you can be given the credit!

Dates and Filesizes shown are those from applicable site if shown.

How to read the Date: 20010102

2001 = Year : 01 = Month : 02 = Day

How to Use maps for APRS Programs

UI-View can use either the .BMP format or .GIF map files. Use the GIF format for computers with limited storage, or the BMP format as the preferred format. Note that BMP maps have larger filesizes. Both formats use the same .INF pointer file. Extract or Copy only ONE map (GIF or BMP) and the INF file to the \MAP folder.

Uses the the MAP format file for vector drawn maps. Extract or Copy  the MAP file to the \Map directory or one of the \Map subdirectories. For image files use the GIF format file for the map and the GEO format file to provide references for the GIF map. Extract or Copy  the GIF map and the GEO file into the \Images directory.

Natively uses many map formats. As "root", extract or Copy  the MAP file to the \users\local\share\xastir\maps or \users\share\xastir\maps directory or one of the \users\local\share\xastir\maps or \users\share\xastir\maps subdirectories. (Map directory depends on the version of Linux you are running). Note that due to the format of Xastir geo file, they contain the full filename and other parameters;(See Map File Contents below). For image files the GEO format file provide references for the image map. Extract or Copy  the image map and the GEO file into the \users\local\share\xastir\mapsor \users\share\xastir\maps directory or subdirectory.

Map File Contents

On the APRS Map pages, the files within each zip file have been identified as to the filetypes included.
Some zip files are identified as to which APRS program the file is specifically for:
UI-View:, or

Linux is capable of opening zip files. See the article at

Geo files which contain the fielename and extension for the image file can be used in WinAPRS or Xastir. Xastir geo file format contains the filename with extension, and at least an IMAGESIZE parameter. WIth the files loaded on your harddrive, the IMAGESIZE is not required however it makes loading and redraws faster.

Note: For GEO/INF files created by VA3KGB
You may use "Notepad"  to remove comment lines to make GEO/INF file smaller.

Links to maps for APRS Programs

VE1AIC's MarCan APRS MAps for UI-View. Files available above.
N3UJJ's Maryland APRS MAps for UI-View.
Denmark and Sweden APRS MAps for UI-View.
HB9FBP's Switzerland and Europeon APRS MAps.
N0NHJ's Eastern Utah, Western Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico APRS MAps for UI-View.
G3OJZ's APRS MAps for UI-View.
Austrailian APRS MAps.
PA3EZC's Netherlands APRS MAps.

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