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Updated 21 May,2011, 0200 UTC

What are Overlays?

Overlay files allow you to show specific information about specific objects on your APRS map which are not transmitted over the air to other stations.

How to use overlay files in APRSIS32
How to use overlay files in WinAPRS
How to use overlay files in Xastir

Using Overlays in UI-View32:

Download Using Overlays in UI-View32 in PDF format

These examples are using IRLP Node overlay files. (2009)

On the Main Menu bar select Action - Overlays... Load Overlay

In the "Select an overlay file" window, click on the overlay filename and click on Open

The IRLP Nodes using Callsigns (in this example) will be displayed 

If we choose a different map, for example around the Ottawa Canada area, we will see less Nodes and can differentiate between them

Placing your mouse cursor over the Node symbol to the left of a callsign or Node ID will bring up a bubble with the node information. When you move the mouse cursor away the bubble disappears:

One line format .pos file:

Two line (UI-View) format .pos file - for IRLP Node overlays includes City, Prov/State, and Country.

Details on a Node can also be brought up by right-clicking on Node symbol, and then select Details. The Callsign will be in brackets:

The Node ID will be in brackets.

A window will pop up with the node info which can be moved around the screen and left displaying the info.

One line format .pos file:

Two line (UI-View) format .pos file

A list of all the overlay positions can be seen by selecting Lists - Overlays on the Main Menu

This will bring up the "Overlays" list window. The number [nnn] informs you how many position objects are currently in the list(s) that are loaded.

Click on a line to select it and then click on the "Details" button to see more details.

The details windows will open

A close-up of the Node information windows 
(one line format .pos file)

(two line format .pos file)

Close the window down by clicking on the box in the top right corner.

In UI-View32, the overlays will remain visible even when changing maps, therefore to remove an overlay(s), you unload it by selecting Action - Overlays... - Unload Overlay on the Main Menu

The "Select An Overlay" window will pop up

Click on the overlay you wish to remove and then click on the Unload button
Repeat for any other overlays you wish to remove. When you have competed your Unload selections, Click on the OK button to close the window. The overlays that you had selected will be removed from the map once the window has closed.

If you leave an overlay(s) loaded when you close down UI-View32, the overlay(s) will still be loaded and displayed when you reopen UI-View32.

APRS Overlay files
How to use overlay files in APRSIS32
How to use overlay files in WinAPRS
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